Connect with Your Horse in Training

Horse training is all about understanding the horse and knowing the Principles of Learning and Motivation. The better you understand your horse, the easier it is to train and ride him. Clicker training give you a clear communication tool to train your horse in a force free way.

The bond with your horse is important to you! You want to be his best friend. Therefor you want to ride, train and interact with less or without force or coercion. You want to understand your horse better, so you can train him yourself.

We all want horses that are safe, gentle and amazing to hang out with. In order to create a ‘magical’ bond we need to understand them, know how they learn, why they behave the way they do and how we can let them do what we want and ask.

That’s what I teach: force free horse training! I developed a complete horse training system that is 100% force free and easy to learn.

Online Horse Training Courses & Coaching

I teach horse people to build trust and confidence in the relationship with their horses, so that they get results in training they are looking for and to get that soul-to-soul connection with their horses.